On your morning commute, you find a book on the seat of a train.

You come across another one sitting under the shade of a tree where buses pick up passenger

Then there’s that one waiting to be picked up on the ferry terminal.

You begin to wonder: Are New Zealand book fairies real?

Yes, we are!

And we’re spreading the magic across New Zealand as you read this. It’s really that simple, we give old books a new lease on life by leaving them in different transport systems — including buses, trains, ferries, taxis, bus stations and train stations. We’ve even expanded to campervan rental companies. We want to make the library experience more mobile and accessible for everyone. Find out more about what we’re doing, our latest campaigns and promotions in this website.

Want to be a book fairy, too? We would love to work with you!


Books on the Bus NZ is part of the Books on the Move Global Movement